One last post here – Aussie Green Thumb RE-LAUNCH

Just a quick reminder I am now blogging over at


As some of you may remember, back in 2007 I ran a website called ‘‘. Well guess what? It is back!

On January 1st I re-launched It is back bigger and better than EVER! Read about Australian Native Plants, learn how to improve your garden, get hints and tips on how to become the gardener that you always wanted to be. has a special focus on Australian Native Plants but that is not ALL you can expect to read about! Check out the launch article to find out more.

The focus of my gardening blog is on helping you develop a gardening lifestyle, today and tomorrow. This might mean equipping YOU to become a better gardener today so you can have a great garden tomorrow. On the other hand, if you live in the Perth metropolitan region and need some gardening done, why not contact me through and we’ll see if I can’t possibly help you out? I can help you get the garden you want today and make sure it keeps on going to every tomorrow.

Also I was wondering if you might consider promoting my gardening website from your blog? What would help me a LOT would be a blog entry letting people know about the website BUT I’d also be very appreciative of a simple blogroll link.

Once again, THIS IS THE LAST POST EVER AT THIS ADDRESS, all future posts for discipleoftheway, including this one, can be found at



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